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  Session Times  

Transport North East run their buses on a sessional basis

These sessions are

8am till 1 pm

1pm till 5 pm

5pm till Midnight

Midnight till 8 am

Prices per session run as follows

1 session £25

2 sessions £50

3 sessions £75

4 sessions £100

Fri 5pm plus weekend £275

Fri 1pm plus weekend £250

Fri 8am plus weekend £225

There is a charge of £5 per session, £8 for 5 to midnight and weekends if a volunteer driver is needed.

This is just a list of the most popular sessions, a full price list is available from the office.

Hire fees must be paid before the bus leaves the compound.

Fuel costs are currently 0.42p per kilometer

All prices are subject to change

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Email: Transport North East